8 Best AI Tools for Students to Achieve Learning Efficiency

best AI tools for students

The best AI tools for students with high-quality learning, optimizing time and productivity, improving expertise, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Let’s test these features together!

1. Benefits of best AI tools for students

1.1 The behoof of AI tools for students

Using the best AI tools for students has many benefits such as improved writing skills, better time management, personalized study plans and improved understanding of complex concepts.

Best AI studying tools help students personalize their own path, provide support information for writing essays, studying online, practicing for tests, and learning more about different subjects such as code, foreign languages, skills.

1.2 Features of best AI tools for students in learning

Educational AI tools help students with unlimited creativity: help students develop comprehensively through online learning, create content, solve math problems, and program.

Benefit from best AI tools for students
Benefit from best AI tools for students

Solving math: is one of the best AI tools for students to solve difficult math problems more easily.

Language learning: Access to many different languages in the world, learn and develop language skills for learning and communication.

Essay writing help: Offer solutions and provide information to students to make essay writing easier.

Save time, optimize learning performance: The help from best AI tools for students greatly supports finding and solving problems quickly and easily.

2. List 8 best AI tools for students

2.1. Essay Genius – Write Better Essays

Access link: https://essaygenius.ai/

Overview/Key feature:

Essay Genius is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool in the top 8 best AI tools for students designed to support writing essays and text content by searching and generating ideas, building structure essay creation content, spelling and grammar check.

Essay Genius - best AI tools for students
Essay Genius – best AI tools for students


  • Support idea generation: Essay Genius has the ability to analyze and organize information from different data sources, helping users generate new and creative ideas for their essays.
  • Create content structure: This tool can help users structure their essays by organizing ideas and information in a logical and systematic way.
  • Spelling and grammar check: This tool provides a feature to check spelling and grammar errors in articles, helping users improve the quality of their essays.
  • English support: Essay Genius can assist users in writing essays and text content in English by providing rich and diverse vocabulary suggestions, sentence structures, and writing styles.


  • Ideas are not diverse: If you repeat many titles for the same topic that you want Essay Genius – best AI tools for students to write about, there will be duplicate ideas and sometimes even the content.
  • Language limitation: Currently AI tools for students Essay Genius only supports English for users

Pricing: Create an account and log in for free

Alternatives: ai tools for the classroom has similar functions to chatgptxonline to help students find ideas, create content, and save time writing essays.

2.2. Writing Improvement: Grammarly

Access link: https://www.grammarly.com/

Overview/Key feature:

Grammarly helps check vocabulary, grammar and spelling errors. More specifically, it has a dictionary function that stores vocabulary that can be learned at any time.

Grammarly - best AI tools for students


  • Check and suggest correction of vocabulary and grammar errors appropriate to the context of the sentence
  • Store and remember vocabulary easily with the dictionary on Grammarly
  • Increase the ability to improve your level thanks to the scoring feature
  • Save time and costs and improve learning efficiency
  • Integrated hint function on phone keyboard, used on multiple devices


  • Only English language is supported
  • A paid plan is required to experience the scoring feature

Pricing: free and paid version

grammarly pricing

Alternatives: Virtual Writing Tutor, Capitalize My Title, Ginger Software, Whitesmoke, Wordy, Scribendi

2.3. Math Problem Solvers: Mathway

Access link: https://www.mathway.com/Algebra

Overview/Key feature:

Mathway is the best AI tool for students to solve math problems extremely smart and convenient. You will be helped to solve basic to advanced problems such as algebra, trigonometry, statistical probability, graphing, etc.

Mathway - best AI tools for students
Mathway – best AI tools for students


  • Solve basic to advanced math problems easily and quickly
  • Convenient support for receiving math problems because of the ability to take photos and use the photo library to send problems
  • Provides many different solution methods
  • Supported on many devices and platforms


  • Limited tools for free version
  • Does not support many languages yet

Pricing: free and paid version

  • The free version has most of the features of the paid version
  • The paid version updates the auto-save feature and can review previously solved problems

Alternatives: Photomath, Microsoft Math Solver, Quanda

2.4. LanguaTalk – Best Choice for Language Tutoring

Access link: https://languatalk.com/

Overview/Key feature:

Langua Talk is the best AI tools for students to improve their language proficiency with AI conversations with constantly updated knowledge. continuously, ensuring accuracy. You can build your vocabulary quickly with flashcard exercises and enjoy videos and podcasts with recordings that sync with the audio.

Langua Talk - best AI tools for students
Langua Talk – best AI tools for students


  • Many lessons for different purposes
  • AI chat improves communication skills and cultivates vocabulary effectively and quickly
  • Memorize longer, learn faster with flashcard exercises, videos and podcasts
  • Supports many different languages around the world
  • High security, integrated fingerprint login feature


  • Limited features in free version
  • Registering an account is a bit complicated, with many steps


Try it for free for a specified period of time, providing all the best features to help users learn more effectively.

Alternatives: Lingbe, HiNative, Hello Talk, Kalpha.

2.5. Best Organization: Notion AI

Access link: https://www.notion.so/fr-fr/product/ai

Overview/Key feature:

Notion AI is the best AI tools for students supports task management to increase student productivity. Students can create workspaces for each class, with sections for notes, assignments, deadlines, and resources. They can embed (or generate) various content types like text, images, PDFs, and webpages, keeping everything in one place.

Notion AI - best AI tools for students
Notion AI – best AI tools for students


  • Generates text and creative content suggestions quickly and can suggest new ideas, helping you be more creative.
  • Multi-language translation: This feature allows you to translate the current language into many different languages that suit the content context with correct grammar.
  • Plan automatic work management: Notion will automatically analyze the tasks you enter and arrange and allocate time for each task in the most time-optimized way.
  • Share with friends and groups to participate in projects, save time and costs


  • Limited features in free version and trial period

Pricing: free and paid version

notion pricing

Alternatives: Evernote, Zoho Notebook, Sticky Notes, Bear

2.6. Easiest Way to Learn New Topic: TutorAI

Access link: https://www.tutorai.me/

Overview/Key feature:

Tutor AI is the AI for students that allows you to create personalized AI tutors to help you excel academically. With Tutor AI, you can now build a powerful learning assistant tailored to your needs, powered by cutting-edge AI technology.

Tutor AI best AI tools for students
Tutor AI best AI tools for students


  • Build a personalized professional learning path for each student
  • Quickly and conveniently appears anytime, anywhere when users need it or have a busy schedule and cannot attend courses
  • Save time and costs to improve professional qualifications effectively, proactively learn at any time


  • Limit only 3 searches for the topic you want to learn if you do not use the paid version

Pricing: 3 free credits/day

Alternatives: Nerd AI, Fortor, Quillbot, Chatgptxonline – Unlimited Free ChatGPT

2.7. Best Study Partner: Khanmingo

Access link: https://khanmigo.ai/

Overview/Key feature:

Khanmigo is an AI-powered learning tool developed by Khan Academy that can be used as a virtual tutor and as a debate partner.

Khanmigo is the best tools for students as a personal AI tutor, teacher assistant and coach, interactive and responsive in the form of a state-of-the-art and constantly updated GPT-4 chatbot.


Khanmingo best AI tools for students
Khanmingo best AI tools for students


  • Services for students, teachers, and parents to actively participate and monitor the learning process
  • Practice and practice to improve skills from tests
  • Works as an advanced GPT-4 chabot
  • Support searching and providing information to serve learning needs


  • Country and region restrictions, only US country supported

Pricing: free and paid version

Khanmingo pricing
Free Version
Khanmingo pricing
Paid Version

Alternatives: Codex, chatgptxonline, other chatbot,…

2.8. Best Speech to Text: Otter.ai

Access link: https://otter.ai/

Overview/Key feature:

Otter.ai can be a valuable tool for students who want to improve their note-taking efficiency, enhance review and study sessions, and capture important information from lectures and discussions.

Otter AI - best AI tools for students
Otter AI – best AI tools for students


  • Allows you to operate as a community with friends and teams participating and sharing together
  • Take notes of what happens in the meeting and don’t miss important information
  • Acts as a virtual assistant to help students optimize work performance
  • Interact and respond quickly with other chat AI


  • Works in English and does not yet support many different languages

Pricing: free and paid version

otter ai pricing
free and paid version

Alternatives: chatgptxonline, chatbot, google meet.

Many outstanding features from AI tools can assist you. Please leave feedback on which tools you will use to help you study better!

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