8 Best AI Tools for Teachers That Supercharge Your Classroom

8 best AI tools for teachers

The best AI tools for teachers help improve the quality of teaching and optimize the quality of work. Let’s find out the pros and cons of best AI tools for teachers, along with its outstanding features!

1. How superior is artificial intelligence?

1.1. What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) differs from logic programming in programming languages in the application of machine learning systems to simulate human intelligence in processing tasks that humans can do better than computers.

AI helps teachers optimize their time and increase work efficiency, so there are best AI tools for teachers to support like an assistant

1.2. How is AI useful for education?

Surprisingly, best AI tools for teachers has features that help teachers simplify work items

  • Design and build interesting presentations
  • The ability to judge quickly and accurately can score the test
  • Store and convert data files as desired quickly and conveniently
  • Save time and effort
  • Monitor the learning process, build a roadmap for each student
  • Create unlimited lecture content

2. Best AI tools for teachers needs

2.1. Magicschool.ai – Best AI Tools for Classroom

Tool category: Lesson Design & Content Creation

Access link: https://www.magicschool.ai/


MagicSchool is an AI tool for the classroom equipped with artificial intelligence to help teachers save time and be more effective in teaching. It supports more than 25 languages and can help teachers save up to 10 hours per week.

Magicschool AI-best tool for teachers


  • Provides automatic questions to test and evaluate students’ knowledge.
  • Create lesson plans easily and quickly.
  • Automatically create tests and assignments based on educational standards.
  • Assist in writing written letters such as letters to parents and student reference letters.
  • Create summary documents quickly.
  • Provides creative tools and community connections to engage in further education activities.


  • There is no offline version yet, depends on the internet to operate

Pricing: Free login with features of best AI tools for teachers

2.2. Copilot Education – Top Educational Tool

Tool category: Lesson Design & Content Creation

Access link: https://educationcopilot.com/


Copilot Education is one of top 8 the best AI tools for teachers designed for document creation and planning. It was applied by more than 2,200 teachers and reported 98% effective.

Copilot Education - best AI tool for teachers


  • Features to make lessons more exciting and interesting such as lesson planning, handout education tools, writing prompts, student reports, and project outlines
  • Make it easy for new users to get started: Copilot can help ease new users into Power Automate by providing intuitive help and instructions.


  • User Language Limit, Only Supports Some Languages: Copilot currently only supports a few languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German.


  • The free version has most of the tools like planning, educational materials, creating powerpoint slides, quizzes, idea generation, writing prompts, parent emails.
  • Paid version $9/month. Paid version has many outstanding features such as AI Templates, Training Videos, Copilot Bootcamp, 24/7 Chat Support for VIP.

2.3. Eduaide.ai – Generative AI for Education

Tool category: Lesson Design & Content Creation Tools

Access link: https://www.eduaide.ai/

Overview/Key feature:

Eduaude.ai is education tool for teachers, an artificial intelligence-based teaching assistant that automates tasks, personalizes learning, and provides actionable insights. This tool helps teachers save time, improve teaching effectiveness and inspire students.

Eduaide AI-top 8 the best AI tools for teachers


  • Create lessons: Eduaide AI can automatically create lessons based on criteria provided by the teacher, including topic, learning goals, student level and lesson duration.
  • Grading assignments: This tool can automatically grade assignments and provide detailed feedback to students.
  • Personalized learning: This tool can personalize learning for each student by recommending lessons, exercises, and resources tailored to the student’s needs and level.
  • Learning data analysis: Eduaide AI can analyze student learning data to determine each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.
  • Provide detailed reports: Eduaide AI provides detailed reports on each student’s learning progress, helping teachers monitor and evaluate student learning effectiveness.
  • Recommend teaching methods: Eduaide AI can suggest teaching methods suitable to students’ needs and levels.


The free version is limited and has few trials features

Pricing: compare free and paid versions of best AI tools for teachers

Free and Paid Version Eduaide

2.4 Canva – Best Teacher Tools for Presentation

Tool category: Visual & Design Tools

Access link: https://www.canva.com/

Overview/Key feature:

Canva is the best AI tool for teachers, a graphic design tool website, founded in 2013. Canva uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to more than a million design templates, photos, videos, graphics and fonts. Draft attractive, lively lectures, design and edit videos.

Canva - best AI tool for teachers


  • A variety of beautifully designed fonts, images, and frames
  • Edit images, crop, and remove backgrounds quickly with just one operation
  • Easily share for teams and friends to edit and design projects to help save time and increase productivity
  • Supports diverse languages
  • Automatically save designs
  • Easily manipulate and convert file formats when downloading


Many video features such as dubbing and effects and filters are not yet supported

Pricing: free and paid version

Free and paid version

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2.5. Pictory – Best AI Text To Video for Teachers

Tool category: Visual & Design Tools

Access link: https://pictory.ai

Overview/Key feature:

Pictory AI is the best AI tool for teachers, a cloud-based tool and applies advanced AI technology to create videos. The main feature of this software is converting text into video, summarizing long videos into short videos, and allowing users to customize videos to their liking. The biggest impressive point of the application is that it does not require highly specialized users.

Pictory-best tool for teachers


  • Rich resource library: diverse with images, videos, fonts and many other materials to customize your videos.
  • Find appropriate resources: with text content to create videos that meet your needs.
  • Royalty-free resources: Most resources in Pictory AI’s library are royalty-free, helping you save on creative costs.
  • High-quality AI voice: The AI voice in the software is very high quality, easy to hear and natural, helping to create professional videos.


The free version has limited features and is only free for 14 days

Pricing: Free and paid version

Pictory Pricing

2.6. Turnitin

Tool category: Plagiarism Scanner

Access link: https://www.turnitin.com


Turnitin is one of the best AI tools for teachers, a plagiarism-checking software that is being used by many universities around the world. The application can easily check the text in the article and compare it with the source database, thereby finding copied content and the rate of duplication on each article.


  • With a huge source database, providing and giving reliable and accurate plagiarism results.
  • Can raise students’ awareness in university lecture halls.
  • The interface is simple, easy to use and especially supports many different languages.
  • One of the most outstanding features is that it saves a lot of time for lecturers during the marking process, the results are returned extremely quickly and in detail.


The login process is a bit complicated, requiring many operations

Pricing: Prices may differ between schools.

2.7. QuestionWell – Useful teacher tools

Tool category: Quiz/Assessment Generators

Access link: https://www.questionwell.org/


With just a simple photo operation, you can easily find answers to your study questions. Our AI technology allows you to scan any question and get accurate answers instantly.

Question Well-top 8 the best AI tools for teachers


  • Supports all subjects and study blocks
  • Create tests and assessments
  • Recommend tests that suit teachers’ requirements
  • Save the test
  • Language diversity


  • Payment is required to save tests

Pricing: free and paid version

2.8. Yippity

Tool category: Quiz/Assessment Generators

Access link: https://yippity.io/

Overview/Key feature:

Automatically convert text into quizzes. Yippity will automatically convert any text or web page into a quiz in no time.

Yippity-top 8 the best AI tools for teachers


  • Easy-to-operate interface
  • Convert from text to articles. Check according to teachers’ requests, support teachers to work with higher efficiency, save time


  • User language limitation, only supports English, Italian, Spanish

Pricing: Sign in for free

3. FAQs

3.1. Does Magic School.ai support writing text messages?

Yes, Magic School.ai provides tools to create text messages such as letters to parents or student recommendation letters. You can use this tool to write quickly and conveniently.

3.2. What devices are the tools used on?

The best AI tools for teachers are compatible on laptops, tablets or used directly on the website

3.3. Are the above tools available to students?

In addition to teachers, students can also access and easily perform actions such as taking notes on important lectures, creating study reminders, and designing and creating learning mind maps.

3.4. Are there any fees for the above tools?

Depending on the user’s needs, there are two versions, free and paid.

3.5. Are the above tools safe for users?

Users access and each person has a separate account to ensure confidentiality, and the information is suitable for educational purposes.

The best AI tools for teachers have great features, right? Please leave a comment to let me know which tool you are impressed with to apply for yourself.

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