Essential ChatGPT Prompts for Excel Tasks

Essential ChatGPT Prompts for Excel Tasks

Use the best ChatGPT Prompts for Excel as a way to automate complex calculation tasks, improve the accuracy of complex formulas, and improve work efficiency for users to conquer formulas. Experience a productive day using Excel with ChatGPT’s prompts.

1. What are ChatGPT Prompts for Excel?

ChatGPT Prompts for Excel are instructional commands that help communicate with ChatGPT AI to simplify the calculation tasks of Microsoft Excel software.

What are ChatGPT Prompts for Excel?

If we want to receive quality responses from this chatbot, we need to create quality prompts, and here are some notes to help improve ChatGPT prompts for Excel more effectively:

  • Write clear and concise prompts
  • Use natural language
  • Understand Excel terms
  • Iterate and refine personalization

As long as you meet the conditions, your prompts will strongly optimize the powers of this intelligent AI. What effects will this tool bring to Excel software users? Let’s follow it now!

2. Effective from using ChatGPT Prompts for Excel

Using ChatGPT for Excel will not only help us use Excel better, but it will also bring many benefits such as:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Analyze data effectively
  • Expand many skills

So what are you waiting for? Immediately apply ChatGPT to your tasks in this information technology software to improve the quality of your work.

3. Top best ChatGPT prompts for Excel

After a period of using and researching ChatGPT prompts for Excel, below are some prompt structures you can apply to Excel.

3.1. Chatbot Prompts during calculations

These ChatGPT Prompts for Excel will guide us through the operations and calculations of summing columns, calculating an average, or counting items in specific rows or columns in a worksheet.

The effectiveness of using ChatGPT Prompts for Excel 

Example prompt:

  1. Detailed instructions on how to use the SUM function?
  2. I want to use the VLOOKUP function to perform a lookup.
  3. Sum values in [column/row] from […to…].
  4. Calculates the average of the values in [column] from […to…] only for cells with even numbers.
  5. Count the number of odd numbers in [column/row].

3.2. Applies to conditional statements with IF statements

With simple conditional formulas (IF statements), ChatGPT prompts will help users implement basic conditional statements, such as IF, and make simple decisions in spreadsheets.

ChatGPT for Excel prompts for conditional statements

Example prompt:

  1. Use the IF function and WEEKDAY function to fill in the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday,…) based on the following [date].
  2. Explain to me the definition of logical conditionals (AND, OR, NOT) and the mathematics that cannot be applied in an IF statement.
  3. List four statements about the SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and VLOOKUP functions in the IF statement.
  4. Using the IF function, write me an Excel formula that displays [required] based on [ value in [cell/column/row].
  5. Write an IF statement to check whether [value] is in the range […to…]. If yes, show [value].

3.3. ChatGPT for Excel formula “Date and Time Function”

These prompts will include responses to date & time operations, calculations used in planning, scheduling, and scheduling tasks in the spreadsheet.

The ChatGPT prompt for Excel will explain the date and time in detail

Example prompt:

  1. Write me the formula to get the current date.
  2. How to write the formula to get the current time?
  3. Format [cell/column/row] to display dates in the format “dd/mm/yyyy”.
  4. Calculate the age of a person based on the date of birth in [cell/column/row].
  5. Filter birth years of even values in [cell/column/row].

3.4. Prompts for text operations

ChatGPT Prompts guide you through text operations such as joining paragraphs, converting words sentences, extracting, and are useful for entering or filtering text data in spreadsheet software.

Text editing becomes simple thanks to ChatGPT prompts for Excel

Example prompt:

  1. Use functions like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID to extract a specific part of a text string in the range […to…].
  2. The formula that converts text in the range […to…] from lower case to upper case.
  3. Write in detail the TEXTSPLIT formula to split the text string in the range […to…] into multiple cells based on the delimiter (,).
  4. The formula for counting the number of words in the range […to…] would be?
  5. Please filter for me two-digit values around […to…] using a detailed formula.

3.5. ChatGPT prompt for Excel in duplicate data

This is a guide for users to find, filter, and remove duplicate items or data to ensure data uniqueness and make calculation formulas easier.

ChatGPT prompt for Excel

Example prompt:

  1. List of [data] in [cell/column/row] in the worksheet. Give me a formula that can remove duplicate [data] and keep only the unique [value] of the data.
  2. The [cells/columns/rows] contain [data]. Please help me remove duplicate records of [data].
  3. [Data table], remove duplicate [data] but keep [difference] for [value]?
  4. How do I remove duplicate names, regardless of whether the text format is upper or lowercase?
  5. Remove duplicate [values] in [cell/column/row], but keep the first or last value for each duplicate value.

3.6. Formula to filter and sort data

Let’s perform filtering operations and sort data according to specific criteria in columns/rows with prompts from AI.

ChatGPT provides easy-to-understand data filtering and sorting Formulas 

  1. Filter all table rows with [value] in [cell/column/row].
  2. Filter all rows in the table that have [value] in [cell/column/row] and [value] in [cell/column/row].
  3. Rows in the table where [value] in [cell/column/row] is greater than [value] in [cell/column/row].
  4. Sort values between […to…] in ascending order of value in [cell/column/row], but keep [cells/column/row] with [value] in [ cell/column/row].
  5. Calculate the total value in [cell/column/row] for [cells/column/row] that have [value] in [cell/column/row] and [value] in [cell/column/row].

3.7. Prompt formula for conditional formatting

In these types of prompts, the chatbot will provide you with instructions using conditional formatting to visually highlight important values.

Instructions for using search and filtering using ChatGPT prompts for Excel

Example prompt:

  1. Make me a pie chart with levels [values] in different colors.
  2. Format cells in [cell/column/row] based on the corresponding value in another [cell/column/row].
  3. Create reports with sections formatted according to different data groups.
  4. Use traffic light icons (red, yellow, green) to represent values in [cell/column/row]:
  • [Value]: Red
  • [Value ]: Yellow
  • [Value]: Green color
  1. Color the [values] in [cell/column/row] the same as the background color of [cell/column/row].

3.8. Check for errors and fix data with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Prompts for Excel help identify and correct common errors while entering data or creating formulas.

 Check for errors and fix data with ChatGPT 

Example prompt:

  1. Tell me about common formula errors in spreadsheets and how to fix them
  2. Data error checking tool to find errors in [cell/column/row] in my spreadsheet?
  3. How to identify errors in the SUMPRODUCT formula?
  4. How do I use data analytics to identify the [ top sellers in my sales data table?
  5. Use the IFERROR function to check if there are errors in the formula in [cell/column/row]. If there is an error, display “Error” in [cell/column/row].

3.9. Data synthesis

The AI prompts in this formula will provide users with setup solutions such as tables and charts to help synthesize and summarize large data sets in spreadsheets.

Data synthesis with ChatGPT prompt for Excel

Example prompt:

  1. Sort data in descending order of [value].
  2. Create a funnel chart to show revenue rates by product category [ sample data table].
  3. Change the color of the bars in a column chart to make it easier to distinguish [values].
  4. Create a data table to summarize sales [data] between […to…].
  5. Displays [value] for [value] in the range […to…].

3.10. Provides array formulas and functions

ChatGPT will provide users with operations to perform complex calculations related to array formulas and advanced functions such as INDEX/MATCH, VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, and many other functions.

 Function and array formulas using chatbots 

Example prompt:

  1. What is the COUNT formula to count the number of values between […to…]?
  2. To search for [value] between […to…] and return its position.
  3. Formula to filter the range […to…] and display only [values].
  4. Calculate the sum of values between […to…].
  5. Returns [value] in array […to…].

3.11. ChatGPT Prompts for Excel – Macro and VBA Scripting

Introduces basic prompts for automating repetitive tasks using Macros and provides instructions on creating simple VBA scripts to customize functions.

Write VBA to create custom reports

Example prompt:

  1. Macro to retrieve data from the database and import it into a spreadsheet.
  2. Create macros to automate data import from external sources, such as CSV files or websites.
  3. Write VBA to create custom reports from data between […to…].
  4. Format cells in [cell/column/row] to [color].
  5. Macro to loop through all cells in [cell/column/row] and fill [color] cells with [value].

3.12. Formula for analyzing financial statistics through prompts

The same prompts guide users through complex analyses such as analyzing reporting data, forecasting, and using the software’s integrated financial functions.

 Analyze financial statistics through ChatGPT prompts for Excel

Example prompt:

  1. Calculate statistics for monthly sales in 2023.
  2. Perform regression analysis between advertising costs and sales revenue to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  3. Use the AVERAGE function to calculate the average of values in the range […to…].
  4. Calculate the median value of the values in the range […to…].
  5. Perform linear regression analysis between the independent variable in [cell/column/row] and the dependent variable in [cell/column/row] using the Data Analysis tool.

Finally, please give feedback on how you successfully applied ChatGPT Prompts for Excel!
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