Master 30+ Midjourney Prompts For Impressive AI Artwork

In the new technology era, applying ChatGPT helps users a lot. Especially the Midjuorney feature helps users create unique publications in just a short time. In this article I will share the Prompts for Midjourney formula to achieve high efficiency.

1. Overview of Prompts for Midjourney

1.1. What are Prompts for Midjourney?

Prompts for Midjourney is a prompt structure with words and phrases that help users create vivid digital images quickly to satisfy the user’s imagination. Impressive visualizations created by the AI generator through interaction with ChatGPT bring many unique ideas to experts. Also creates beautiful images for those without advanced artistic skills.

1.2. How To Use Prompts Effectively

To achieve high efficiency, users need to clearly develop requirements for enough information about the topic and artistic style for the image creator. Prompts for Midjourney will create beautifully detailed, vibrant digital images that satisfy users. To do that you need:

  • Clearly state the focus of the image, such as “cool, wooded summer air” which helps AI Midjourney understand exactly what you want
  • Formulas can contain image URLs, images in addition to text phrases in Prompts for Midjourney
  • Clearly state the desired styles and topics so that AI can provide accurate, detailed suggestions

2. Prompts for Midjourney 

2.1. Explore Different Art Styles

Imagine crafting a portrait in the swirling brushstrokes of Van Gogh, or a surreal landscape inspired by the dreamlike visions of Salvador Dali. With ChatGPT prompts for Midjourney, you can achieve just that!

For example:

  • A portrait in the style of Van Gogh
  • A surreal landscape in the style of Salvador Dali
  • A cyberpunk scene in the style of Blade Runner
A portrait in the style of Van Gogh - Midjourney Prompts
A portrait in the style of Van Gogh

2.2. Concept Prompts

Use ChatGPT prompts to explore topics such as mythology, historical events, or even personal dreams. That is applying ChatGPT Prompts for Midjourney in Art themes

For example:

  • A library filled with books that contain entire universes within their pages.
  • A lone astronaut gazing out at a black hole, engulfed by its mysterious pull.
  • A hidden village of gnomes nestled within a giant, bioluminescent mushroom forest.
A library filled with books that contain entire universes within their pages.
A library filled with books that contain entire universes within their pages.

2.3. Creative techniques

Take your Midjourney creations to the next level with creative techniques seamlessly combined through ChatGPT prompts. Here are some inspiring examples:

  • A photorealistic portrait with a glitch effect.
  • A watercolor painting of a dreamlike landscape.
  • A digital art piece with a pixelated aesthetic.
A photorealistic portrait with a glitch effect
A photorealistic portrait with a glitch effect.

3. 30+ Prompts for Midjourney

  1. Using cinematic lighting, retouch my photo more artistically [your photo]
  2. Please use the background blur feature for the following photo [your photo]
  3. Add animated Christmas-themed effects to [your photo].
  4. Based on my drawings in the sketch, recreate the professional industrial building [your sketch]
  5. I need to create a logo for the cosmetics industry with [requirement 1] [requirement 2] [requirement 3] in [style]
  6. There are a lot of extra details in the photo, please help me delete it and adjust [resolution]
  7. Be creative in expanding the photo’s background appropriately according to [aspect ratio]
  8. Create surreal landscapes with urban cities according to [theme]
  9. Create photos with [Image style] with [camera details & resolution] by [theme]
  10. Imagine and rely on [suggestion 1] [suggestion 2] [suggestion 3] to create a vivid overall picture
  11. Image reproduction later becomes clearer with [resolution] [paste your image URL]
  12. Get creative in [style] create photos in [theme] with high resolution and vintage effects
  13. Finalize the following [your vector] creations into business icons for [industry/field/topic]
  14. Create a photo from [suggestion 1] [suggestion 2] [suggestion 3] in the painting style of Vincent Van Gogh
  15. Digital image generator of [desired texture] textures using acrylic paint strokes
  16. Using 2 simple colors blue and white to create a minimalist picture for [theme]
  17. Get creative with the boat and sea details in [style] for a pirate theme
  18. Create costumes for the following cartoon characters [paste your image]
  19. Recreate old photos after [paste your image] become clearer with the right color filters
  20. Portrait sketch of a beautiful woman according to [theme] with [fashion style
  21. Imagine a realistic photo of [subject] in [style]
  22. Create and sketch the following painting according to [theme] [style] using oil painting material
  23. Based on the following picture [paste your image], dissect the layout and sketch it into a drawing
  24. Photo maker with a planter with [scenes] [composition] [effects]
  25. Create a complete digital photo from the following photos [photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3]
  26. Visualize walking cats in [style] and [material] that look like real paintings
  27. Recreate the building from the drawings in the following photo [your photo] into a modern building in [style]
  28. Creating outer space in [style] becomes more diverse for the picture after [your photo]
  29. Adjust the color filter for the next photo [your image] to add some wild elements
  30. Erase the extra details and readjust the color filter and increase the [resolution] for the picture after [your image]

Finally, give us your feedback and show us your amazing photos created from Prompts for Midjourney!

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