ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation from Idea to Execution

We would like to introduce the best ChatGPT prompts for content creation popular and effective content today to help users take advantage of diverse content creation such as blog posts, social media ads conferences, videos, and many interesting and useful content.

1. Overview of ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

ChatGPT is a chatbot tool built on the language model for GPT by OpenAI released on November 30, 2022, providing the ability to create content in human-like natural language.

ChatGPT will then rely on prompts containing data and user requests, using deep contextual understanding and flexible language to create responses with the most relevant and quality content.

Here are some notes to help users achieve good quality feedback from this tool! Which is:

  • Provide complete information and data
  • Break down complex areas of requirements
  • Characters are required to enter
  • Required text and specific format

Therefore, what outstanding benefits will use best ChatGPT prompts for content creation in the work of creating creative ideas and topics to bring to visitors? Let’s find out in detail below.

2. Outstanding Benefits of ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

Using ChatGPT prompts in content creation has many outstanding benefits that not only improve the creative quality of content but also help optimize productivity for content creators. As follows:

Benefits of ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

  • Effective in generating content ideas quickly
  • Consistency in content and voice quality
  • Overcome writer’s block and boost creativity
  • Expand content accessibility
  • Save costs and manpower

After learning in detail the benefits of AI in producing content and topics, you will certainly wonder about the content of ChatGPT prompts. So, let’s explore the 50+ ChatGPT prompts for content creation in the next section.

3. Best ChatGPT Prompts for Content Creation

The 50+ best ChatGPT prompts for content creation will be presented through the following five topics and they are:

3.1. Blog Post Prompts

Using the best ChatGPT prompts to create blog post content will help content creators come up with new ideas and suggestions, create an outline based on primary and secondary keywords, and produce high-quality blog posts.

prompts for content creation

Example prompt:

  1. Please write me 5 attractive and concise headlines about [topic].
  2. Write a 1000-word SEO blog post about [topic].
  3. List me some creative ideas to complete a meta about [topic].
  4. Please rewrite [article] more creatively and in detail.
  5. Create a guaranteed blog post on the Facebook platform.
  6. Suggest 10 ideas for content on [topic].
  7. Give me a complete blog post outline for [topic].
  8. Based on [the following text], you should rely on it and write an article with new and different content and SEO standards.
  9. Analyze and research [keyword], then write a short article of less than 500 words on [topic].
  10. Schedule monthly content creation for a blog in [industry/niche]

3.2. Prompts for Content SEO

In addition to the ability to research primary and secondary keywords, we can fully use the best ChatGPT prompts to create SEO content, optimize titles, and meta descriptions of content, and build links completely to help bring an SEO-standard article.

prompts for content creation

Example prompt:

  1. Research for me [keyword], then list related sub-keywords.
  2. Suggested elements of a standard SEO article.
  3. Suggest 5 titles for an SEO standard article about [topic].
  4. Build an SEO-optimized content outline with [keyword]. Make sure the article is about 1500-2000 words with a natural, humorous tone.
  5. Suggest ten SEO standard meta snippets for [topic].
  6. I have [product], please create an SEO-friendly product post that will help attract customers to buy the product.
  7. Please complete the content of [blog post] to meet the requirements for SEO content.
  8. Let’s optimize [content] for a homepage website about [topic].
  9. I need your help understanding how to create effective SEO guides.
  10. As an SEO expert, create an SEO strategy for [keyword].

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3.3. Prompts for Social Media

Using ChatGPT prompts can create attractive and effective social media content that will help marketers achieve their marketing goals such as attract attention, encourage discussion, and motivate users to like, comment, and share post. Here are some specific examples of how marketers can use ChatGPT prompts to improve their social media strategies:

Prompts for Social Media

Example prompt:

  1. Create a promoted post with [content] on the Facebook platform.
  2. Write a description for a product tutorial video about [Product].
  3. Please create a crowdsourced post for [topic].
  4. Write a compelling caption for an Instagram post about [product].
  5. Design a Twitter campaign to achieve [goal] through content creation and planning methods.
  6. Suggest me 10 ideas for interesting social media contests that I can organize to promote [product/service] to potential audiences.
  7. What is the optimal image size for posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?
  8. Create 10 YouTube video titles and descriptions with [topic].
  9. Write me an article introducing your own experience on the LinkedIn social network.
  10. Research 10 hashtags related to [topic] and write optimal article content according to the hashtags based on the standards of the TikTok platform.

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3.4. Prompts for Email Marketing

Using AI through email marketing reminders not only creates email titles and content, ads, and transactions help increase open and click-through rates and tap into potential customers.

Prompts for Email Marketing

Example prompt:

  1. What are the best subject lines to increase email open rates?
  2. What are the best suggestions for writing compelling email subject lines?
  3. Write content for a promotional email campaign with the following subject line: [Your subject line] with a content requirement of 1000 words.
  4. This is a sample email [paste sample email]. Using this email template, create a new email and optimize it for higher conversion rates.
  5. Best practices for growing email lists for a business.
  6. Create 10 subject lines for a promotional email when selling [product].
  7. Please write me an introduction for an email marketing campaign aimed at new customers of [service/product].
  8. Provide 10 subject lines for an email with content to share, productivity measures for [job].
  9. Write a promotional email for a limited time of 20% off for [product], motivating users to purchase.
  10. Create 5 cold business email templates to reach [bloggers, podcasters, influencers] in [industry/niche] to build partnerships and increase leads.

3.5. Prompt For Video Content Creation

Using video content idea prompts will not only suggest creative ideas, and outlines, and build cross-platform video scripts but also help topic creators be creative in unlimited ways.

Prompt For Video Content Creation

Example prompt:

  1. Generate ideas for a 1 – minute TikTok video about [topic]
  2. What content will the script of a YouTube video include?
  3. Acting as a TikTok expert, suggest 10 promotional ideas for [industry].
  4. Write a concise 45-second script that addresses [topic] interestingly and creatively.
  5. Suggest 5 creative TikTok video marketing ideas/campaigns my [topic] could produce to increase brand visibility.
  6. What is the ideal video length for YouTube instructional videos on [topic] to maximize watch time for the channel?
  7. Ideal video length and format combination for TikTok to help achieve target engagement of <1000 views.
  8. Provide 5 ideas for short TikTok-style videos (under 60 seconds) that capture attention and convey key features of my [product/service] to users.
  9. Help me research 8 – 10 relevant hashtags related to [my brand] that will help my videos stand out and trend on YouTube/TikTok.
  10. What is the ideal video format, length, and resolution for TikTok to attract my target audience on the platform?

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