ChatGPT API – Decoding the appeal of technology

After creating the advanced chatbot tool ChatGPT, OpenAI has innovated a new technology that allows two parties to integrate all the features of ChatGPT into their productsChatGPT API.

Detailed concept of ChatGPT API technology

ChatGPT API is a chatbot based on the prototype ChatGPT tool from OpenAI that allows developers to integrate the useful features of this tool in the GPT-3.5 version into their products, services, and applications through API key technology.

As a website developer, I used API key technology to take advantage of its benefits and features to create ChatGPTXOnline with the desire to bring a great experience to users when using my application.

ChatGPTXOnline - API

You can create a free OpenAI API key and you can use it within the limit of 1 million tokens per month, but you will have to pay to be able to use it next time.

OpenAI stipulates that 1000 tokens is equivalent to 750 words and it will have prices according to each separate language model.

You can refer to the ChatGPT API price list here.

Functions integrated from API technology

Trained on a huge amount of data, developers can easily add ChatGPT functions through the API key as follows:


Text generation capability

As a chatbot with the ability to automatically generate text in natural language, other platforms can all “possess” the abilities to:

  • Create creative content
  • Generate new code, detect and fix wrong code.
  • Propose many new ideas
  • Translate text for many different languages
  • Search and synthesize many forms of information.

And many other capabilities come from this model when “merged” with other platforms.

Smart interaction

Platforms that integrate will all have the ability to understand context and create diverse interactions:

  • Coherent and flowing conversations through context
  • Build smart and flexible interaction capabilities
  • Respond to requests quickly and meet the user’s purpose.

Using this API key will be very suitable for platforms that specialize in text and answering user requests.

Customization capability

We can customize our application to deliver even better experiences for our users, which will include:

  • Fine-tune the ChatGPT tool to suit your specific needs.
  • Create new applications based on ChatGPT’s language processing capabilities.

Even if two tools are “merged”, they still have differences, so fine-tune them to be most suitable and harmonious between ChatGPT API and your tool.

Simple operations to start OpenAI API

To start using the ChatGPT API, you need to get an API key. We will guide you to get the OpenAI API key through the following steps, including:

Create an OpenAI account at the link: and follow the instructions.

Log in to your account and select “Personal“, click “View API keys”

ChatGPTXOnline - API 1

Click the “Create new secret key” button, enter the application name, and click “Create new key” , copy the code, and store it in a safe place.

ChatGPTXOnline - API 2

Set up a development environment for the programming language you intend to use. Install any necessary libraries or SDKs. You may need to install the official Python library for OpenAI if using pip:

ip install openai

Use the API key to authenticate requests.

Create functions in the application to send input information to the ChatGPT API and receive responses. For example, using Python:

import openai

Set your API key from OpenAI

openai.api_key = ‘your-api-key’

def chat_with_gpt(prompt):

response = openai.ChatCompletion.create(


messages=[{“role”: “user”, “content”: prompt}]


return response.choices[0].message[‘content’]

Example usage

user_input = “Hello, how are you?”


Always carefully check this integration to ensure that the API works as expected in the context of your application.

You can refer to further configuration of the model using OpenAI parameters.

Applications that have taken advantage of ChatGPT API

Currently, some popular applications have integrated ChatGPT’s API to increase the text creation capabilities of their tools. Those tools include:

QuillBot: A tool for rephrasing content that applies the ChatGPT API to help users present their text in a completely new creative style.

ShortlyAI: The ChatGPT API has helped this tool generate concise and complete summaries of articles and documents This is a content creation platform that has used the ChatGPT API to generate a lot of marketing content to post on different platforms.

Applications always want to bring the best service to their users, so adding ChatGPT features to use has made these tools work much more efficiently and optimally.

the application uses the API

Some other OpenAI APIs besides ChatGPT API

Not only does ChatGPT have API technology, but there are also many other AIs that we can combine such as:

DALL-E 2: The API of this AI allows you to create realistic and detailed images through text prompts from users.

Whisper: The Whisper API will help you process many audio formats from many different countries and allow you to convert between audio and text.

Codex: The Codex API is trained to translate text into code in many different programming languages such as Perl, JavaScript, Swift, SQL, ….

Based on the capabilities of each AI, combine them with your products in the most appropriate and intelligent way!


The ChatGPT API is a breakthrough from OpenAI that provides developers with an optimized technology with the ability to interact through applications, while opening up development opportunities for many different industries. I hope through this article, you have understood and can exploit to bring many benefits to everyone.